Process Service

Washington Legal Messengers is the premier process serving company in the Puget Sound area. We will serve your papers right away and we will serve them right the first time. If there are any problems with any job you give us, you will be notified immediately and you can decide how you want to proceed. (Alternate address, stakeout, trace...whatever is required to get the job done) When you give your important jobs to Washington Legal you can rest assured they will receive the attention you require.

Special Messenger

Whatever your messenger needs might be: An office service, filing with the court, delivery of boxes of discovery materials, or a bottle of wine for the holidays, we've got you covered. Whether you need a routine delivery or expedited, Washington Legal Messenger's highly trained staff can ensure that your job is completed on time and correctly. We give individual attention to every paper that we handle; helping our clients with an extra set of eyes every step of the way. If you're looking for a messenger who cares about your work as much as you do, look no further.

Legal Research

Washington Legal Messengers can accomplish your research requests at most state, county and city offices in Washington with ease. So if you're looking for criminal records, UCC filings, divorce records, civil cases, bankruptcies, tax warrants or liens, our experienced staff has worked with industry professionals in Western Washington for 18 years. We will quickly process your request and in most cases, find what you are looking for. You are billed for travel, research time and copy costs.  Turnaround time is within a day or two, unless you need it sooner.

Skip / Trace Investigations

Need to find a defendant, witness, debtor or heir?  Let us have a look! Washington Legal Messengers finds people everyday. While the trace department's primary goal is locating a target so that we may perfect service, we also perform investigations for other important reasons, for instance, to determine whether an individual is active duty with the military for judgment purposes or to find someone's civil and criminal history as a background check. We use cutting edge skip trace databases, real property records, vehicle and voter registrations, professional business licenses, social networking sites, postal traces, civil and criminal records, not to mention good old fashioned "boots on the ground" investigating. Cost is time and resource-dependent and starts at $25 for basic searches. Most people can be found for under $100 but hardened criminals and professional avoiders can be a little more costly to locate. Give us a try! We will be happy to find your target and you will not be disappointed.

Process Forwarding

Washington Legal Messengers not only serve process in Western Washington, we also handle process service nationally. Over the past 18 years, we have vetted process servers in most every major city in every state and can take care of your long distance services with the same level of professionalism as you would expect from us locally. Having worked with the same people for many years, our relationships have become more than just professional, and our contacts really go to bat for our clients as a result. Keep in mind that we still supervise these national contacts just as closely as we do our own employees and independent contractors. If there are any delays or issues with service, we'll contact you immediately with an update and ask for instructions to compete you job. Just as easy as local process, complete your messenger slip and we'll return an affidavit of service and an invoice.